I’m excited to start studying next year. I’m returning to study after not being employed for several years. The last course I undertook was with OpenUni online. I took a BA in Professional Writing, my interest still in play since my days of studying Writing and Editing at TAFE. Before those courses, I attempted a BA in Applied Social Science (Counselling). I really enjoyed TAFE and ACAP, but found the writing course a little stilted toward professions which I was less interested in, at the time.

My writing is changing all the time, as I’ve been constantly changing as a writer, and human being. So it stands to reason that my interests in the field of writing could change as well. I’ve adjusted to the fact that writing is work, and that to excell at it, I need further education. This leads me to look for a qualification in writing, as being published often depends on a writer’s credentials or life experience. I wouldn’t mind a job editing. I think I would get a sense of satisfaction out of (even) rewriting something another person has attempted.


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