TV and Music in the morning

I was awake way too early this morning. When I was inside, there was a constant barrage of music in the mornings which I would listen to as more of a distraction to my being there, than for the enjoyment of the music itself. The radio wasn’t much to like in there, at any rate, I’ve been listening to music and watching tv this morning from my phone to soak up the boredom. Now I’m listening to music and writing this blog. Mum is still in bed. I’m sitting at the kitchen table; quite uncomfortably seated on hard chairs but with the added benefit of the table. I just can’t sit back in this chair without putting stress on my lower back.

My past friend Jess just messaged me. I removed her from my facebook friends because she avoided telling me it was her birthday. I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life. She says she’s been distant lately, so I messaged her about what’s going on in her life, and why she avoided telling me it was her birthday. She hasn’t replied yet, as I just sent it to her. I’ve also cut April off. She was nervous about sharing her personal information. Not cool, after being in regular communication for almost a decade. I just wanted to send her a present, while she was talking about coming to Australia (again), and catching up with me – even staying for some of the duration of her holiday. I think she was leading me on, and I don’t need that either.

I’m cutting Jimmy off too. He was saying that David Rose, the local turd patrol, could be a cunt but… and was going to say something nice about him. It isn’t so much that he had something to say in favor of the turd, but that he didn’t finish saying it, which tells me he isn’t a friend. I won’t have to put up with any of it, after I’ve moved to Bendigo next week. I just hope there are some housemates I can get along with, besides the one other tenant I’ve met so far.

It’s time to revamp my life.

TV and Music in the morning

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