Writing for a new purpose.

As you might not be aware, I’m applying for a course in English at La Trobe university. There’s an exit point after one year which will give me a diploma in English. This is a sight better than doing the cert 4 in writing and editing at TAFE, although maybe a little less involved with the subjects that interest me most. The uni offers a variety of writing modules which I’ll be seeking to take on, as well as some other modules which might be of interest such as those found in psychology, but maybe I’ll leave those alone and focus purely on the English related modules.

I have a place to live which is within walking distance to uni, and there seems to be a good mix of housemates, some of whom are unemployed, as I have been for a long time. In light of this, I doubt I’ll be judged in an overly critical manner for being out of work for so long. Some people look down on those who collect unemployment benefits, and my mother is no exception. With this degree, I know I’ll be able to find work in the writing or editing or even publishing fields – all of which I find appealing.

I’m writing this blog while sitting in the library. There are nice books on display, urging me to read them. My iced coffee is almost full and my blog nearly written and so I’m thinking a smoke followed by a gentle stroll throughout the library’s book shelves might uncover some hidden gem. There are magazines all over the shelving system near where I’m working. They remind me to finish reading the Reader’s Digest magazine I acquired the other week. My time has been taken up by calls to Telstra, packing belongings, organising my course, and accommodation, and smoking, along with visiting relations and friends with my new wheels.

I’m not sure where my writing is headed. I’m thinking about postponing my book to work on my studies. It might be that I’m changing as a writer. I still want to write fiction, however, I’m finding the autobiography / self-help book for people on the autism spectrum has come to a grinding halt. I actually submitted the contents I’ve written to it so far to Ian from TAFE for assessment purposes of getting a place in the course. I was offered a place after the assessment but hoping upon hope that I can secure a place at La Trobe. I need this!

Writing for a new purpose.

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