The Binding Of Isacc

I bought this game a couple of days ago and had a little play around with it. My friend Em encouraged me to buy it because it was multiplayer, she actually used to play this game on pc before she bought herself a Vita which I encouraged her to do. I bought The Binding of Isacc, and until I discovered it wouldn’t multiplay I wasn’t as interested in the game and so it went by the wayside only getting the occasional turn, as I felt like killing some time on the Vita. Tonight was a little different, however, as I played it for a few hours tops but managed to finish the game without unlocking any new characters. Em is on the phone to my mum at the moment, she says the game is multiplayer online and that there might be an option to sync Vitas’, once we’re both in game. I’m hoping so, because I thoroughly enjoyed winning the game in normal mode. I suppose I’ll be playing it in hard mode from now on.

I was also playing a little Gravity Rush. It feels a little artificial to get around in the game, the movements are precipitated by this hover function which allows you to change the direction you “fall” in. So far the attack is fly kicking movements which has started to get old.

I’ve been playing another game, Superbeat Xonic which is a little like Guitar Hero in that you have to hit key points on the screen as the “bars” arrive at their locations. Another game which has a lot of visual and audiable stimuli which I’ve been trying to wrap my head around is Lumines – Electronic Symphony. 2×2 square blocks fall toward you like in tetris but need to be aranged in configurations of 2×2. There are two tones and the skins and music unlocks throughout gameplay. I quite enjoy the music at the higher levels and feel pumped getting 4 block matches, and combos. The next game I’m going to try out is Street Fighter X Tekken. I’m annoyed that I can’t get a straight up decent copy of Street Fighter on the Vita. I bought a PS1 version of it and find it crappier than the two copies of Street Fighter (Alpha, and EX2 Plus) which I owned on it and for some reason weren’t available as downloadable games on the Vita; I expect something really good from this legitimate copy of Tekken to compensate me for this lack of deliverance to fans of Capcom’s Street Fighter.

I’m not a fan of Tekken, and many fans of Tekken I’ve come across haven’t been fans of Street Fighter, so I’m interested to see what differences arise in gameplay and make a comparison of the fighting tactics and strategies to winning fights consistently. I just hope Street Fighter is the more dominant of the two in the game’s design. I’m ace at Street Fighter and want Em to get it on the Vita, if it’s also a two player game – which for pete’s sake is practically necessary for the game to be its best. My mate, “Charles” is a fan of Tekken, and when I played it I found it really poor in comparison to SF. The movements were overly subtle and timing the use of attack buttons and distancing seemed to be more important than the visual appeal, or lack thereof of SF. So much the better game which includes a wide range of movements, and powerups etc.

“Charles” is asleep on the couch while Em is cooking chocolate ripple cake in the kitchen with mum. I’m just chillin’ in the lounge listening to music and writing this blog. I just returned from a break playing the Vita. I was playing Binding of Isacc again and noticed that the levels have increased in the loading screen section of the game, even Em is baffled. I think I’m going to try to find something nice to snack on, in the kitchen. Take care.

The Binding Of Isacc

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