Desire for freedom; feeling broken by Mum

They say writing is a very personal experience, that a writer should write for themselves first. Stephen King says, in his novel ‘On Writing’ that having the belief of a loved one as a constant source of support helps a lot, because writing is a very lonely occupation. So how would a person, namely myself, reconcile an adverse belief from their most cherished, only parent? Where would such a grown up writer to be find consolance of confidence if not from within their very own being?

I’m at this juncture now. I feel as though my writing is worthless, my thoughts never needing be printed due to my own lack of originality, or inspiration, a general sense of worthlessness, all stemming from my Mother’s careless approach with my writing, my anything, really, which has partially crippled me in that I’m unable to trust myself to write whatever I’d like to, to feel free to act on my own accord is another crippling disadvantage my Mother has left me with and this stems mainly through her controlling and domineering and abusive parenting style.

Desire for freedom; feeling broken by Mum

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