The Entertainment Industry’s influence in Australian Culture (reflective writing)

I think first and foremost, young Australians’ are very lazy compared to previous generations of young Australians. I think this is very much to do with the invention of the television, and later the development, and extreme investment in entertainment through this media. Movies, music, and video games are predominantly Australian young peoples’ favourite past time today. Some young people who grew up with such a lavish life style are now middle aged adults who are still spending the better part of their days playing video games, or engaging with movies, or music. This seems like a waste of Australian spirit when I think about past generations and all they worked so hard for. I believe that if such a grown up lived in harder times he would be ridiculed to say the least.

I wonder how society would have developed without the invention of the television and by extension the internet . . .

I suppose machinery would still have taken a place in our work force, and I suppose vehicle running energies would have been delved into more deeply. I can imagine a large percentage of the population working hard at more and more efficient fuel supplies, and renewable energy being the frontier of scientific advancement. Then again, would we have the capacity to think of such technological advances without having the television (as I’m sure the television has led us a certain way in means of thinking). Teleportation, for instance: would we be closer, or further away?

I think in some ways the intervention of the internet on Australian Youth has at once created go getters, and lazy bodies. I think the way young people envisage work has changed since earlier days where technologies which we take for granted were still out of reach. This makes me question when we began searching toward creating the internet, or television for that matter, and what changes that has effected in the way of how we function, and how we view normal functioning today.

The Entertainment Industry’s influence in Australian Culture (reflective writing)