Why I’m studying writing and publishing at OUA

I’d been thinking about studying something for several years on and off. I took a creative writing course but having done it before, and because of the lack of insight in the content, I quit. I had more fun the first time around, because the course included  grammar, and usage, and punctuation. This course offers two units which include grammar as a component. I just hope that I’m learning what I want to learn (as a writer), because my initial motivation for learning this time was to study English.

Although studying English would help me with my writing, this course is specifically tailored to writing, and the publishing processes. Writing and Publishing. Professional writing is somewhat different to creative writing, and it seems this course is designed for creative writing of non-fiction subjects. That’s a little bit of a bummer for me, as I would like to write fiction at the moment. Maybe my interests will change later on. None the less, it’s well known that journalism (which I’m not doing) helps with short story writing, so maybe there are similarities in creative professional writing to creative writing, and so forth.

None of these are a reason for me starting at Uni. No, it was a friends suggestion that I wasn’t doing anything with my life which motivated me to investigate courses at OUA. I was (once again) disappointed there weren’t any English specific courses, as I’d realised that I love English as a subject. I suppose that would have to include media, which I’m not very fond of. And so this brings me to the first course I enrolled into at OUA, BA Communications with majors in creative, and professional writing, and in journalism. I just signed up over the phone without knowing there were options closer to what I was looking for, on the suggestion/advice of the caller from OUA. It was later that I realised there would be a whole lot of media involved, and that I wouldn’t really like to be a journalist, that I decided to have another look through the available courses, and opted to change into writing and publishing.

My friend’s insistence on my doing something with myself forced me to consider possibilities for my future, and how/what I did with my present to affect changes to that future. Her words made me look back as well, to a time where things weren’t much different to how they are now, and realising that I hadn’t done anything with my life for some time, I realized that I needed to do something with my life, and it needed to be something I could be happy with. So I pursued my writing interests with a course in university. I thanked my friend who insists she didn’t do anything but I know her influence over me helped me make a start where I wouldn’t have for a long time. I had been procrastinating over it thinking ‘I’ll do it once I’ve saved some money’, or, ‘after I quit smoking. Then I’ll have money for the text books.’

I’ve written several things in my time, and have enjoyed writing throughout my life. Recently I lost everything I had saved on storage devices through a theft. This made it difficult to continue writing, because essentially I’d be starting all over again but I recently discovered a photocopied short story I’d had amongst the writing that was stolen, and did a little editing to it, then published it on wordpress, a blogging website. I’m not happy with the final product yet, but I feel elated that I have something I’d written from a time I was getting into writing fiction. I would like to pursue writing further, and believe this course will provide me with necessary credentials to get published. I suppose writer’s works are often published on their knowledge, experience, or credentials, and having a degree in writing and publishing would only help me become an author.

Becoming an author isn’t my main goal, however. My main goal is to improve my knowledge, and understanding of the use of English. If writing is my interest then I’m certainly interested in improving my abilities in writing, and so I’m interested in taking this course in writing and publishing. Publishing also interests me, to a lesser extent. I’ve researched self publishing for ebook, and paperback/hard cover, and have considered a job in publishing, or editing in the past, thinking it would suit me. Unfortunately, I doubt this course has much of a focus on editing. If it does, I will be very pleased, as I need to improve in this area, and editing is a necessity in all professional writing.

Why I’m studying writing and publishing at OUA

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