Champix nightmares possibly a good thing

So I’ve just reacquired my old copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate from a man I gave this copy to. I originally thought that this purchased disc of two discs was a backup copy, and years later, I found that it wasn’t. I had a copy of an expansion of some sort. I was fortunate to still have the man’s number, and that not only did he live at the same house, he also reproduced the cd for me. Luckily for me, he returned it, as I need Word and possibly Power Point in the course of my studies.

I’ve just begun the course of Champix quit smoking medication. It’s the end of day two on Champix once per day half doses. At around the third day of full doses twice per day, I’ll be able to stop smoking entirely, and this miracle drug will prevent serious withdrawal symptoms from the lack of nicotine in my system. Champix works by blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain. It does cause me insomnia and vivid dreams, and nightmares though.

I’m going to put as many of these nightmares, and even dreams to good use. I’ve decided to keep my computer running in sleep mode when I go to bed for the next twelve, to twenty four weeks of Champix use, in order to write everything down that’s still in my mind after dreaming it. I’m a writer see, and as a writer who would like to write horror fiction, this is a perfect opportunity to collect ideas, scenes, etc from scary experiences I have in nightmares, or dreams.

I’ve been drinking coffee all day, and done little of what I wanted to. I did however do some yard work that needed to be done, and a little cleaning in my bathroom, so I haven’t been unproductive entirely. There was some reading to do which doesn’t look viable tonight (as my reading chair, and lamp aren’t situated in a practical place since rearranging the lounge room for a house inspection), and a text book I downloaded has about 12 hours remaining to be read (as I borrowed it from an online library, and that’s when it expires), so I’d like to find some time for it later tonight.

Champix nightmares possibly a good thing

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