FreeMind program for free download at

I’ve been procrastinating for several weeks over a short story which I believed to be mostly edited, to edit once again in order to have a final draft – a completed story. However, I’d been looking at the editing process the wrong way. According to Grellier, and Goerke (2014), in their 3rd Edition of ‘Communications Toolkit’, an edit requires the writer to look at, and change the content of the material within the work in progress (WIP), as well as the sentence structure. This, they say, is paramount to checking the spelling, and correcting homophones. As I don’t have difficulty with these, I realised that my approach to editing the work was horribly misaligned with what is actually necessary. I’ll get to work on my short story, before my classes commence on the 1st of next month, and then I’ll post that work here (maybe both the draft I’m working with, and the edited, and proofed draft).

Screen shot pasted in Paint
A short mind map I made using the program FreeMind.
FreeMind program for free download at

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