Professional Writing and Publishing

Hi, I’m new to blogging so this is an interesting adventure. My course in writing, and publishing commences in 16 days time (the 1st of June). I’ll be studying Critical thinking, and Academic and professional communications, along with a pathway subject academic writing.

I’ve studied at university before with the Australian College of Applied Psychology, (ACAP), where I completed several modules before I withdrew on account of being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Since my general interest in psychology was motivated by self discovery, I lost most of my enthusiasm to pursue the course further.

I’d also undertaken a TAFE course in Professional Writing, and Editing, prior to this but as flexible delivery wasn’t an option, I had to withdraw from that course as well. Seeing how the subject of English, and writing have always been favourite areas of mine, I’m feeling good about undertaking this course, and giving it the time, and effort necessary to complete the course.

I hope that by having a blog to share my studies, and extracurricular activities, I’ll have opportunities to socialise with like-minded people of similar interests, and be able to learn, and grow as a human being. Also, having this blog will be something of a sound board, if not suited to social networking.

As I’ve said, I’m new to blogs/blogging, and don’t really know what I’m in for, yet!

Professional Writing and Publishing

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